A downloadable tree story game for Windows and macOS

"Harold Grows A Tree" is a short game based on the 1 Map Challenge on RPG Maker Web Forums! This project was made in RPG Maker MV and completed in one day.

Also SmashArtist's first ever completed game! Hooray!!


Pretty short and dumb game, don't take it seriously. Harold buys a new house and the backyard is a wreck! He explores and finds a lonely sad bush, it's up to him to help nurse it back to health!


  • Move            =   arrow keys
  • Interact       =   spacebar

Install instructions

After downloading the game, unzip the file and click on the "Game.exe" file to start playing!


Harold Grows A Tree Ver 1.2 MAC.zip 75 MB
Harold Grows A Tree Ver 1.2.zip 74 MB

Development log


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Nice little 1 map challenge. The scarecrow is awesome. Somehow though I managed to make the game freeze by spamming the scarecrow while the tree was growing.

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Hmm, alright, I apologize for the issue. I'll try finding a solution to the problem as soon as possible. Can you give me more details on the issue? For example, what dialogue did the scarecrow have, and did the game get stuck or did an error pop up? 

Thank you for reporting the issue!

Edit: The issue has been fixed! Thank you again for telling me about this bug! :)

Glad to help :)

Very fun and quirky game of tree growing xDD I first got a bad ending cause Harold's theme killed the poor bush :( X(

Aw sorry to hear that! Seems like many people are killing the poor tree! XD

Such a fun game. xD

What with the face at the end tho? Kinda creepy.

Yeah, I don't know why I left that in. XD Thank you for the compliment though! :)

Nicely done ;)

Thanks! :3

This is a nice looking game. Good job.

(BTW, I'm Thomas Smith from the forums.)

Hey, thanks a bunch! :D