What Happened?

As may be obvious by anyone who bothered to check for updates, I haven't made any in a long time and development has run into a halt.

Originally I had a lot planned for Rhuneworld and I got excited when I saw people giving me feedback. I worked on patching out bugs, tweaking features based on feedback, and implementing some of the core elements of gameplay.
All was going great until I became overambitious and starting adding unnecessary features which pushed back the release date for the bug patched version. During this time I forgot about the important elements I had planned for the game. I noticed the story I had written had too many loopholes and content that didn't fit the mood of the game. I kept revising it and making changes until the 'demo' I had put out for the jam no longer worked as the introduction. More issues kept arising and eventually I realized that the scope of my project was too large for my own ability and that I could never bring the idea to justice based on my current skills.

Almost a year has passed and I've been so worried about being 'disloyal' to the project I promised I wouldn't give up on that I ended up not being productive with anything. It's sad for me to say but I'm going to move on from Rhuneworld. Perhaps in the future I'll get back to working on it, but right now it's clear that if I can't help but make my character use a spatula against enemies in a life and death situation, maybe I'm not ready to make a game with serious tones in it.

Knowing me, I will most likely get back to it one day, however until then Rhuneworld is on hold.
I'll be working on an older, but more lighthearted project in the meantime. Hopefully I will have learned enough from my past experience to make this one last.

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