A downloadable prototype

SmashArtist's entry for the Indie Game Making Contest 2018 game jam!


Deikun leads a peaceful life with his grandmother at the edge of town. After encountering a long lost friend, the world is turned into an magical apocalypse overnight!


  • Interact       =       spacebar
  • Move           =       arrow keys


The file is no longer available to download at this current time. It has not been decided when or if it will be available for download once again.

The version of "Rhuneworld" that was available for download here is the game jam version.
Many changes have been made in current, unreleased versions. Ver 0.1 (The jam version) is more of a concept and snippet of unfinished, not fully developed ideas.

Find more information on the development of this game by checking out the community below, or viewing the devlogs.

A more in-depth summary of the demo can be found on this page.
For extra development posts and updates follow me on twitter.

Development log

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