A downloadable game for Windows

A short mini-game where you catch as many mushrooms as possible within a 30 second time limit.
This game was created for the RPG Maker Web Forums "Mini-game Challenge"!


  • Confirm(dialogue)             =            spacebar
  • Move                                 =            arrow keys
  • Sprint                                =            shift

Install instructions

After downloading the game, unzip the file and click on the "Game.exe" file to start playing!


Mushroom Catcher Ver 1.1 (UNZIP ME).zip 105 MB


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Simple and to the point, which is perfect for a minigame! :)  I ended up with 17 points (not sure if that's good or not), but at least I didn't get hit by a boulder.

If you're planning on working on this more, one suggestion I'd like to make is to move the spawning events a tile or two higher, so they're off the screen.  Right now they sometimes flash and change as they're setting, which is a bit distracting.  It's nothing major, just something I wanted to mention. :)

Ah, good point. I hadn't thought of that for some reason.
Thanks for playing!