Project Complete!

After 5 weeks the game is finally complete!

This is my first longer game and it was created for the RMWeb No Travel game jam.
Restrictions for the No Travel jam are:

  • "Entire Game must take place in ONE village/town/city"
  • Must be completed by the end of April
  • Must be made in an RPG Maker engine or Visual Novel Maker
  • "The game should be 30 minutes to 1 hour"

Although I didn't reach the 30 minutes of gameplay, it wasn't a hard rule so I think I'm okay.

It was a fun and sometimes challenging journey to finish this game, but in the end I'm pretty happy with the result.

There are however, a few issues that I know about, but can't fix due to lack of coding knowledge or just not knowing a fix for. So here's the list of Known Issues:

  • In the Mash Events, you can just hold down spacebar without needing to let go to complete them.
  • The menu sometimes doesn't open when you try to, normally you need to press longer to have it appear.
  • Some Zombunnies can still move around when in confused mode.

None of these are game-breaking, they're just small annoyances, so I hope they won't be too bothersome when playing.

Otherwise thank you for checking out my game and I hope you enjoy it!
Any type of feedback is very much appreciated!


Go Find Carl Ver 1.0 (UNZIP ME).zip 67 MB
Apr 26, 2020

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