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Fantasy Platformer :: Basics (Art) Pack is a free art pack for indie games containing various basic tiles as well as a player character, and enemy with their own animations.


  • Player Character
    • Idle Animation
    • Run Animation
    • Jump Animation
    • Damaged Animation
    • Attack Animation
  • Slime Enemy
    • Walk/Idle Animation
    • Attack/Jump Animation
    • Damaged/Death Animation
  • Animated Coin
  • 32x32 Tileset
    • Grass/Dirt Tiles
    • Tree
    • Bush
    • Grass Patch
    • Flower Bush
    • Flower Patch
    • Rock
    • Sign
    • Lampost
    • House Tiles
    • Window
    • Entrance
    • Door
  • Hills and Sky Parallax Backdrop
    • Sky
    • Clouds
    • Hills

Doesn't seem like enough?
This pack is getting a revamped update in the future with plenty of new additions and revised animations! Check out this devlog for more details.


(These are the full terms, which are also included in a text file with the asset pack. If you have any questions comment down below.)

  •  If you use any of this pack's contents you must credit "SmashArtist" in your project's credits.
  • This art pack is available for commercial AND non-commercial use.
  • You may edit the sprites for your own use only.
    • You may NOT share edits to art in this pack.
  • You may NOT redistribute or resell this asset pack.
  • Do not create a game with these assets which includes copyrighted material. 
  • Feel free to use this art pack with any game engine.

Before you comment-
  • It is up to you to reformat and implement these assets for use in your game project.
    Please do not ask how to import or implement your assets here.
    HOWEVER, feel free to comment any feedback you have on the formatting or any other concerns about the pack if you feel it could help a wide array of other users!

If you enjoy this pack, please feel free to give a donation to support the creation of more packs like this one! Every donation is very much appreciated!

Feedback is greatly appreciated as well!~


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Fantasy Platformer - Basics Pack_Ver1.0.zip 28 kB

Development log


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Hello friend, this is your sprite, I wanted to know if you are doing character pack? as enemies, epic enemy etc? If so, what would cost a pack? Since I need one that is of this same design, because I also need that the character can make the effect that pulls arrow, attack, jump, strap, die, etc.

Hello Arziv, currently I'm working on an update for the current pack which should contain edits to previous animations as well as at least two new animations, dying and swimming.

This update will probably not be as big as you'll need, however I am planning to create paid extensions off this pack. These packs may end up containing more animations and enemies, I will definitely take your ideas into consideration. Unfortunately, at this time, I cannot say when these packs will be available, but since you posted this comment, I'll be working hard to get them out faster!

Thanks for your comment, awesome to know you're enjoying this pack!

A really great, but if you are asked for specific creation sprite, I could do it, obviously you tell me how much it costs.

I'll give you an example of the sprite I need:


From this sprite I need, enemies, bosses, character among others.

Thank you!

Not sure I completely understand what you're asking for.

Just want to say I'm not open the requests or commissions right now, if that's what you were thinking.
I can definitely take inspiration from the pack you linked to, but I can't say exactly what sprites will come in the extension pack(to this pack) or the price at the moment. It may be a long while before this pack is ready.